The Study of Strategic Planning and Thinking of Managers on Competitiveness and Export Performance by Mediating Market Orientation (The Case of SMEs in Semnan Provianc)


Volume 5, Issue 2, Number 5, Pages 69-80, Published Online Mar 20, 2017

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Mohammad Jaberi Shafi and Dr. Younos Vakil Alroaia


The aim of this study is the investigation of Strategic Planning and Thinking of Managers on Competitiveness and Export Performance by Mediating Market Orientation. To answer the research question and test the relevant hypotheses, a questionnaire was distributed among 269 sample members of the study, which consisted of SMEs in Industrial Park of Semnan province, through classifying random sampling. After collecting questionnaires, the data were analyzed by SPSS and LISREL software’s and the results were extracted. It should be noted that the validity of the questionnaire was evaluated through content and structure validity and also its reliability through Cronbach’s alpha test. The results showed that the questions have high reliability and in terms of construct validity, which was examined using confirmatory factor analysis method, it was found that the questions have a proper validity. Finally, the results of data analysis and testing of hypotheses showed that strategic thinking has a significant effect on export performance, while the effect of strategic thinking on competitiveness and market orientation has not been significant found. The results also showed that strategic planning has a significant effect on competitiveness, market orientation and export performance.


Strategic Planning, Competitiveness, Market Orientation, Export Function, Strategic Thinking.


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