The Study of Effective Reasons of the Customer Satisfaction Increase in the Acceptance and Use of Green Electronic Banking Services with EUCS Model (Case Study: Parsian Bank)


Volume 4, Issue 4, Number 3, Pages 55-71, Published Online July 20, 2016

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Elham Koohi, Dr. Ehsaneh Nejat Mohammad, Amir Mohammadi and AliReza Koohi


Electronic banking is the simple and controllable method in the financial management. Not only customers but also the banks are widely used of electronic banking benefits. One of the most prominent benefits of electronic banking that is so important in these days is being green of this industry. This study is considered the evaluation and analysis of the effective factors of the customer satisfaction increase in the acceptance and use of green electronic banking services with EUCS model. The methodology of this study is objectively applied and in terms of data collection is descriptive-survey. The dimensions of the effective factors in the increase of the satisfaction and public reception customers in the acceptance and use of green electronic banking in this study are included: services contents, appropriateness of services, services format (form and appearance), easiness in use, time saving. The statistical populations of this study are consisted of Parsian bank customers (the electronic banking branches of Pardis and Roodehen). According to the calculations the research samplings were measured 60 participants. The data collection instrument was the questionnaire that was designed by the researcher that also its validity was approved by the electronic banking experts and specialists and its reliability was estimated 87% based on the Cranach’s alpha coefficient. The collected data were analyzed by using of descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation) and Pearson correlation coefficient and regression analysis with the software of Spss. The results of the study statistically showed that all of the factors including the contents of electronic banking services, the validity and accuracy of presented services, in the electronic banking area, as well as services form and format, easiness in services use and finally time saving have positive and direct impact on the customers satisfaction in the electronic banking services.


green electronic banking, services, customer satisfaction, EUCS model.


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