Experimantal Investigation of A Heat Pipe Solar Collector Using Water-Ethanol Solutions as the Working Fluid


Volume 5, Issue 1, Number 7, Pages 79-89, Published Online Jan 20, 2017

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Ahmad Jahanbakhsh, Hamid Reza Haghgou and Shahab Alizadeh


In this paper heat pipes have been constructed and tested using solutions of ethanol and water at different concentrations as the working fluid. Tests were carried out to investigate the effects of ethanol concentration as well as the pipe evacuation and the use of a wick inside the pipe to ensure a continuous performance of the system. It was concluded that the evacuation of a heat pipe or using a wick do not add much effect to the enhancement of a heat pipe performance. A comparison of the experimental results with those obtained from a previously developed model reveals a good agreement between the experiments and the model predictions.


heat pipe, solar energy, waterheater


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