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Experimantal Investigation of A Heat Pipe Solar Collector Using Water-Ethanol Solutions as the Working Fluid

Volume 5, Issue 1, Number 7, Pages 79-89, Published Online Jan 20, 2017 Author(s): Ahmad Jahanbakhsh1, Hamid Reza Haghgou and. ShahabAlizadeh ABSTRACT: In this paper heat pipes have been constructed and tested using solutions of ethanol and water at different concentrations as the working fluid. Tests were carried out to […]


Green Textile Management with an Emphasis on Demand-driven Technology Policy

Volume 5, Issue 1, Number 6, Pages 70-78, Published Online Jan 20, 2017 Author(s): Mohammadbagher Fakhrzad and Peyman Khodaparast ABSTRACT: With the increasing interest in ecosystem and the spread of its concepts in sustainability and green organizations, green management literature is expanding further. Consequently, management boards endeavor to develop this […]


An Analysis of Contribution of Villagers in Realization and Flourish of Resistive Economy Mohammad

Volume 5, Issue 1, Number 5, Pages 61-69, Published Online Jan 20, 2017 Author(s): Mohammad Koochaki, Fahime Khaje Nabi, Mohsen Koochaki and Kowsar Ghorbanian ABSTRACT: Sustainable and desired economic growth is realized through coordination between and participation of both public and private sectors. Respecting intensified economic sanctions aiming at suppressing […]


The Role of Mobilization of Capital Market Financial Resources In order to Restitance of Iran Economy from achieving sustained and Steady Economic Growth Channel

Volume 5, Issue 1, Number 4, Pages 48-60, Published Online Jan 20, 2017 Author(s): Abolfazl Shahabadi & Mahdi Jafari ABSTRACT: The mobilization of financial resources and the way of directing it towards productive investment activities and the existence of efficient capital market which provides the connection between money suppliers and […]


Green Management as New Approach to Sustainable Health Economics

Volume 5, Issue 1, Number 3, Pages 38-47, Published Online Jan 20, 2017 Author(s): Rasoul Yarahmadi & Somayeh Soleimani- Alyar ABSTRACT: Air pollution as an undeniable fact is growing with the development and economic growth and impedes irreparable outcomes on living environment, workplaces as well as ecosystem. Direct and indirect […]


A Study on Application of Telemedicine in Health and Medical Centers and Its Effect on Customer Satisfaction with a Focus on Resistance Economy (Case Study: health and medical centers across Roodsar Township)

Volume 5, Issue 1, Number 2, Pages 30-37, Published Online Jan 20, 2017 Author(s): Mina Montakhab Madani ABSTRACT: Telemedicine uses information and communication technology (ICT) to enable the provider to provide health and medical services to patients in remote areas. The present research is performed to study the application of […]


Border Trade and Agricultural Products in Turkey

Volume 5, Issue 1, Number 1, Pages 16-29, Published Online Jan 20, 2017 Author(s): Halil Fidan ABSTRACT: Turkey has important commercial relations with countries with land boundaries. This is referred to as border trade, and there are important economic contributions among these trading countries. In this sense, especially in the […]


Developing Strategies to Improve Knowledge-Based Resistive Economy Using SWOT Model

Volume 4, Issue 4, Number 7, Pages 109-121, Published Online Oct 20, 2016 Author(s): Hassan Moosazadeh, Pejman Barimani, Samaneh Doost Mohammad and Alireza Eslami ABSTRACT: The present paper aims at investigating strategies of improving knowledge-based resistive economy using SWOT model. Hence, some general strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Golestan province are […]


Application of Trade Gravity Model between Iran and Main Trade Partners (Panel Data Approach)

Volume 4, Issue 4, Number 6, Pages 86-108, Published Online Oct 20, 2016 Author(s): Dr. Majid Feshari ABSTRACT: The main objective of this paper is to test the Dutch Disease hypothesis in the Iranian economy by application of trade gravity model. This study tests the Dutch Disease hypothesis on the […]


Cuban Healthcare System: A Strategic Model for the Resistive Economy

Volume 4, Issue 4, Number 5, Pages 85-95, Published Online Oct 20, 2016 Author(s): Mohsen Khosravi ABSTRACT: Nowadays with increasing tensions between the countries and rising of right wing politicians in former liberal countries in response to the neoliberal globalization agenda and its devastating effects, most nations want to keep […]