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Entrepreneurship has been as a symbol and icon of effort and success in business and entrepreneurs are the pioneers of commercial successes in the community. Their ability to take advantage of opportunities, their power in innovation and their capacity for success, are the criteria which innovative entrepreneurship is measured by […]


A study of the Use of Human Capital in Economic Development with Emphasis on the Roles of Health, Instruction Inequality & Education Distribution

Volume 2, Issue 2, Number 7, Pages 115-127, Published Online April 20, 2014 Author(s): Akbar Pilehvar , Farshad Shokri ABSTRACT: This paper discusses how Today the role of Productivity is crucial in providing suitable conditions for economic growth and development, While productivity growth can be rooted in the quality and […]


Cost – benefit analysis of constructing single – Purpose CNG stations in Iran by emphasizing on different scenarios

Volume 2, Issue 2, Number 6, Pages 97-14, Published Online April 20, 2014 Author(s): Samiyeh Mohammadzadeh , Abdolhossein Ghazavi Garmeh and Sepideh Mohammadzadeh ABSTRACT: Statistics indicate that manufacturing hybrid cars, Gas burner is remarkably growing and the quantity and quality of CNG refuelling stations should be also increased in parallel. […]


The Effects of Fiscal Policy on Macroeconomic Variables of Iran

Volume 2, Issue 2, Number 5, Pages 78-96, Published Online April 20, 2014 Author(s): Reza Heidari Kamalabadi , Seyed Ali Hosseini Yekani and Mohammad Ali Roshanfar ABSTRACT: Fiscal policy influences the real economy through changes of its variables. Fiscal policy shocks are important for policy makers, because of their crucial […]


The Environmental Issues and Forecasting Threshold of Income and Pollution Emissions in Iran Economy

Volume 2, Issue 2, Number 4, Pages 62-77, Published Online April 20, 2014 Author(s): Hadi Esmaeilpour Moghadam , Mohammad Reza Lotfalipour ABSTRACT: Undesirable environmental changes such as global warming and rising greenhouse gases emissions has created much concerns in the worldwide during recent decades. Environmental problems have become a polemical […]


Women’s participation in environmental management and development Promotion Culture

Volume 2, Issue 2, Number 3, Pages 49-61, Published Online April 20, 2014 Author(s): Elham koohi , Seyed Mohammad Shobeiri, Elahe koohi , Hossein Meiboudi ABSTRACT: one of the aspects of sustainable development is concept of culture and its impact on the environment and perhapsin the past ,preparations to achieve […]


Pellet, a Way to Exit from One-Product Economy

Volume 2, Issue 2, Number 2, Pages 29-49, Published Online April 20, 2014 Author(s): Amirhossein Najafzade , Zohre Tabatabae Nasab and Mohammad Ali Dehgan Tafti ABSTRACT: Nowadays all of the countries want to consume the resources in optimum way and try to reach more national product by less usage of resources. Pellet […]


Explaining effective factors on consumers willingness to pay more for buying green products based on the Value-Belief-Norm theory

Volume 2, Issue 2, Number 1, Pages 19-29, Published Online April 20, 2014 Author(s): Alireza Ziaei-Bideh , Mahsa Namakshenas-Jahromi ABSTRACT: This study aimed to investigate effective factors on consumers’ willingness to buy green products that have a premium price compared with similar products in market. For this purpose, the value-belief-norm theory […]


Studying the Relationship Between Financial Development and Emissions of Carbon Dioxide in Iran: Using Autoregressive-Distributed Lag

Volume 2, Issue 1, Number 7, Pages 94-106, Published Online January 20, 2014 Author(s): Mostafa Karimzadeh, Saleh Taheri Bazkhaneh, Hassan Kamali Dalfardi, And Mohammadreza Barakchian ABSTRACT: The emissions of air pollutants and its consequences, particularly in the present conditions that the volume of these pollutants is increasing with an upward trend […]


Changes of Ec and TSS at Different Stages of Biological Wastewater Treatment with an Effort to Leachate Filterability (Case Study: Composting Factory in the West of Golestan Province)

Volume 2, Issue 1, Number 6, Pages 83-94, Published Online January 20, 2014 Author(s): Hojatollah rashidi , Sohaila Ebrahimi ,Parvin Farshchi ABSTRACT: Leachate is the liquid that passes through the garbage and leaks out of solid waste containing soluble substances, suspended particles or derived from the original waste. Hence, the […]