Oil and Gas Economics and Management



Resistive economy is a school and a strategy to achieve the minimum vulnerability and optimal point on the circumstances that independent variables such as economic sanctions and global restrictions, rule on economy. Therefore, due to develop the theme, scientific aspects and features of this economy, this journal has been set up to convey the ideological foundations of the resistive economy to literature of global economy.

Themes and Sub-themes

Theories and Concepts:

  • Economic Development and oil and gas
  • Geoeconomics and oil and gas
  • Oil and gas planing

Oil and gas’s demand and supply

  • Trade and markets
  • Market Forecasting
  • Oil and gas pricing
  • Consumption of oil and gas product
  • The analysis of international energy demand and supply

Alternative Energy sources

  • Renewable Energy
  • The global climate change and international cooperation on reducing carbon emissions;
  • New energy saving technology
  • Other sustainable energy
  • Ecological economy, circular economy and low-carbon economy;
  • New technologies and design for energy efficiency

Investing in oil and gas

  • Financing of oil and gas
  • Contracts
  • Energy Security and Risk Assessment
  • Project management and investing
  • Investment in related projects such as refineries and petrochemical

Domestic and international Policy making

  • Exporter’s policies
  • Importer’s policies

International organization

  • OPEC
  • GPEC
  • G20


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Events 2016