Military Economics and Management



Resistive economy is a school and a strategy to achieve the minimum vulnerability and optimal point on the circumstances that independent variables such as economic sanctions and global restrictions, rule on economy. Therefore, due to develop the theme, scientific aspects and features of this economy, this journal has been set up to convey the ideological foundations of the resistive economy to literature of global economy.

Themes and Sub-themes

The economics of war:

  • War military expenses
  • Background and state of economy prior to war
  • Peacekeeping funding
  • Recent wars and world economy
  • Most military countries and their economy
  • Value of economic lost in war
  • Defense budget
  • Defense subsidy

Military service:

  • Relation between Military service and GDP, Entrepreneurship, Unemployment, …
  • Troops costs
  • The impact of Conscription on economic growth

Military treaty organization:

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and world economy
  • Southeast Asian Treaty Organization (SATO) and world economy
  • Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) and world economy

Military Markets:

  • International arms market
  • Global military expenditures
  • Arms producing companies
  • Arms trade
  • Arms race model
  • Small arms market
  • Global military expenditures
  • FDI in military project
  • Ratio of military expenses to GDP
  • Black market arms
  • World arms exporters and importers
  • Money laundering in arms market
  • Military new technologies and economic growth

Military companies/institution:

  • Private military companies/forces (PMCs/PMFs)
  • Military labor market
  • Joint military projects expenditures or joint Military project costs
  • Military pay scale

Military management:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Management of Financial Resources
  • Industrial Management
  • Business Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Production Management
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Management
  • - Time Management
  • Crisis Management

Cyber war and economy:

  • Economic infrastructure and cyber war
  • International monetary transactions and cyber war
  • Economic Information Warfare

Terrorism and world economy:

  • Financial flows of terrorist organization
  • Expenditure of national & international security
  • Terrorism operations and world economy
  • September 11, 2001 attack and world economy
  • The effect of weapons of mass destruction (biological, chemical, Nuclear, …) on world economy
  • History of military-economic thought and theories
  • Golden arches theory


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Events 2016