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Toroudshomal Research-industrial Company is a private company in north of Iran, which  Founded in 2006 by economic number of 411357498758 and national ID number  of 10760195575 registered under the number of 1522 in Iran’s Companies  Registration and Industrial Property Office. According to its missions for protecting and promoting the intellectual heritage of humanities, aims to establish journals and annual conferences in order to cover the new and critical humanities Themes.

The outcome of these journals and events are publicly accessible for all researchers to improve the scientific boundaries and to remedy the increasing real-world problems. So, by publishing International Journal of Resistive Economics in five fields: Economics sanctions, Oil and gas economics and management, Entrepreneurship, Management and Economics of the Military and Green economics, this company tries to introduce the object of resistive economics’ discussions to international R&D centers and make it popular between economists.

Also this company has set up Iranian Researchers Scientific and Social Network to manage the important scientific resources and other sublime goals.

In addition to providing a variety of services and scientific research, including research projects, holding scientific conferences and performing market research and … Toroudshomal research-industrial company performs commercialization and industrial business consulting affairs. The company also has provided justification and feasibility reports for clients of investment projects and business ideas and setting up of industrial and commercial units.

Thus, the company is proud of the following services:

* Holding annual conferences on economics, management and …

* International Journal of Resistive economics Ownership and Management

* Iranian Researchers Scientific and Social Network Ownership and Management

* Doing research plans (economic, administrative and social)

* Market research projects (MR)

* Obtaining necessary permits and full economic legal and administrative consulting,

* Preparation of business plans (BP) and the feasibility of the project (FS),

* Performing market research projects and research projects (MR),

* Establishing Educational courses and workshops

* Management and setting up of electronic and non-electronic scholarly journals

* Implementation of digital magazines and journals based on computer – carriers and preparation of scientific and scholarly software

* Creating databases and a scientific and scholarly networks















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