A Study on Application of Telemedicine in Health and Medical Centers and Its Effect on Customer Satisfaction with a Focus on Resistance Economy (Case Study: health and medical centers across Roodsar Township)


Volume 5, Issue 1, Number 2, Pages 30-37, Published Online Jan 20, 2017

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Mina Montakhab Madani


Telemedicine uses information and communication technology (ICT) to enable the provider to provide health and medical services to patients in remote areas. The present research is performed to study the application of telemedicine in health and medical centers across Roodsar Township and its effect on the customer satisfaction with a focus on resistance economy. The study investigates two samples using one-sample t test and chi-squared test and then compares the results of these two samples. In the first sample, from the service providers’ viewpoint, telemedicine contributes positively into customer satisfaction by reducing access cost and time, facilitating and improving service availability, and creating an administered care space. And in the second sample, from the customers’ viewpoint, there is a significant correlation between customer satisfaction, in one hand, and shorter access time, facilitated and improved service availability, and creation of an administered care space, on the other hand. The results indicated that on-time and appropriate use of tele-medical consulting and telemedicine can accelerate the treatment course, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. Therefore, by developing telemedicine technology and communication infrastructures and localizing the technology, managers shall lower the cost of medical trips and the country’s reliance on foreign specialists, so as to provide a basis for realization of resistance economy and its components within this scope while satisfying the customers.


Telemedicine, Satisfaction, Customer, Resistance Economy


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